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Pinion Partners with Gates for North American Market Introduction 

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DENKENDORF, Germany – Pinion officially launched its product in North America at last September’s Interbike. “With this move we are responding to the rising demand and interest of North American customers and OEM’s,” says Pinion CEO Christoph Lermen. 

Pinion Partners with Gates for North American Market Introduction 
‘We believe US cyclists want the same thing as Europeans, low-maintenance shifting technology.’ – Photos Pinion 

“Especially in mountain bikes, touring bikes and gravel bikes we see a future market for our low-maintenance bicycle gearboxes. We believe US cyclists want the same thing as Europeans, a low-maintenance shifting technology that is more durable than derailleurs and makes cycling easier and less work, says Lermen.

Important topic

“Whether it’s a world traveler, mountain biker or daily commuter, our seven gearbox types are perfectly tuned for every specific usage. They are reliable, require no adjustment and are almost maintenance-free. Entering the US market has been an important topic for us for several years.”

Up to now bicycles with Pinion gearbox technology in the USA have been available through a handful of selected brands, including Co-Motion, REEB Cycles, Ventana, Viral, Carver, Lynskey and Tout Terrain. In Europe, Pinion has partnerships with over 90 well-known OEMs such as Ghost, Stevens, Nicolai, Tout Terrain, Kalkhoff, Raleigh, Rose, MTB Cycletech, Idworx and numerous other manufacturers.

Gates Partnership

The service handling of American OEM partners, dealers and end consumers will be handled by Pinion North America. Marc Seemann is the contact partner for sales and support. Pinion North America operates from Denver by Gates Corporation.

The two founders, Christoph Lermen and Michael Schmitz were working as budding engineers at the Porsche’s transmission development center in Germany. “We had the idea to create a bicycle transmission that was as intuitive to use as a sports car, with the same high precision and low wear. In simple words: we build a bicycle transmission with the heart of a sports car, as finely tuned as it would be functional. Suitable for any cycling route in the world, no matter the conditions,” says Christoph Lermen.

Product range

The transmissions are available with 18, 12, 9 and 6 gears. Each of the gearbox types is finely tuned for a specific usage. The gearbox is integrated at a central position in the frame. Two spur gears connected in series work inside the housing box. A trademark of Pinion gearbox technology is the enormous transmission ratio of up to 636 percent (model P1.18). The gears are evenly graded and unlike with the derailleur gear system there are no redundant gears. All 18, 12, 9 or 6 gears can ‘actually’ be switched. The gears can be switched during the journey or when stationary by means of a twist grip.


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