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Herrmans Licenses H-Cargo Lighting Technology

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JAKOBSTAD, Finland – Herrmans, the Finnish manufacturer of bicycle components and innovative lighting technology, has opened the licensing of their H-Cargo rear-light. Until now H-Cargo has been sold exclusively via Atran Velo, the largest kickstand supplier in Europe, but Herrmans has opened the license for all its customers. 

Herrmans Licenses H-Cargo Lighting Technology
H-Cargo is suitable for both dynamo and e-bikes and is made to match modern carriers. – Photo Herrmans

Herrmans have already licensed a few bicycle carrier manufacturers, and are eagerly looking forward to introducing H-Cargo to many more.

Made to match modern cargo carriers

The smart integrated H-Cargo rear-light, made to match 10 mm tube diameter of modern carriers, is yet another example of Herrmans innovative technology. The horizontal application of four leds allows an even distribution of light to a wide angle, even out to the sides for extra visibility, while the distinct light line on top increases the safety. The aluminium interface is robust enough to be used as a lifting handle, and as with all of the Herrmans products, the product is easy to mount – only two screws are needed.

For both dynamo and e-bikes

The H-Cargo is suitable for both dynamo and e-bikes with a carrier of 120mm or 95 mm. The dynamo version operates with 6V/3W and 6V/1.5W dynamo, and features Standlight function. H-Cargo E will run on any battery from 6–12V (DC). The H-Cargo rear light fulfils the European and US road traffic regulations.

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