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Shimano Started Deliveries of DuraAce Power-Meter

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OSAKA, Japan – After a long delay Shimano shipments to Europe of its first power-meter have started and deliveries of the DuraAce power meter to the public should be available at IBDs these days. Power meters are ‘hot’ in today’s Aftermarket with numerous new products.  

Shimano Started Deliveries of DuraAce Power-Meter
Main visual difference of DuraAce Power-Meter is just small pot on spider next to crank. – Photo Shimano

“Shimano power meter has entered production, with Team Sunweb and FDJ both using final prototypes of the unit at the 2017 Tour de France” explained Ben Hillsdon, PR officer at Shimano Europe before the last Eurobike Show in Germany. “In fact the ultimate test of the final products during the Tour de France was very successful.”

Waterproofing caused delays

Shimano had planned shipping the power-meter at the beginning of the year but the schedule was delayed due to some technical test issues during the production process. “The power meter’s delay in coming to market was the result of waterproofing the unit. We sought to achieve a high IPX waterproof rating to ensure the FC-R9100-P not only produced the data required by the world’s best cyclists, but had the durability and longevity required,” said Hillsdon.

Bike Europe correspondent German Eslava tested the Shimano power meter. He says “The power meter we got for testing came directly from the mass production and it looks very fine. It seems the delay has been worthwhile. The complete wheel crank set looks almost the same as the standard FC-R9100 when mounted on a road bike. The main visual difference being just a small pot on the spider next to the crank. The power meter device and its components add only about 70g (2 ounces) to the standard crank set. Weight-wise it hardly makes a difference to a complete bike.”

Accuracy of plus or minus 2 percent

Because power is measured on the cranks and the central unit is connected internally to the spider, chain rings can be changed without affecting the power meter’s accuracy. Shimano claims an accuracy of plus or minus 2 percent which is in line with the industry standard and according to our first test it seems correct.

The FC-R9100-P uses technology from ‘’, a Shimano owned company that specializes in advanced static and dynamic bike fitting. The dual-sided power meter measures left and right legs with separate sensors – developed by Shimano – in both crank arms separately. The central unit sends data of power, left/right balance, torque effectiveness, pedal smoothness, cadence and battery level.

300 hours of operation

The rechargeable battery placed well protected within the cranks axle powers the unit and each battery charge last for 300 long hours of operation. It gets recharged with a small magnetic adapter as on modern PCs without needing to remove covers or casings.

The system accepts Bluetooth-LE wireless firmware uploads through smartphones and tablets using Shimano’s E-TUBE app. The wireless connection to cycle computers is done using ANT+ but also via Bluetooth-LE for which an update should be done at the beginning of 2018 according to Shimano.

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