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E-Bikes Take Lead in Belgian Market

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KORTRIJK, Belgium – The Belgian people embraced e-bikes like in no other European market. A recent market study by ‘Velofollies’, the country’s biggest bicycle show, confirmed results of previous surveys which showed that the e-bike is currently the largest bicycle category in Belgium with a market share (in units) of 45%.

E-Bikes Take Lead in Belgian Market
Belgian e-bike market shows major increases in volume and average retail price. – Photo Bike Europe

Despite the early 2017 turmoil in the country about number plates and whether or not to wear a helmet, e-bike sales keeps continuing steadily. That sales is supported by tax incentives of the national government. This also contributed to that fact that today more than 90% of all Belgium IBDs offer e-bikes in their showrooms.

Road race

Belgium’s bicycle market increased by close to 2% in 2017. According to the Velofollies’ market survey among Belgium IBDs total market volume increased to 485,168 units in 2017. Viewing the 45% market share for electric bicycles this results in an e-bike sale of close to 220,000 units. Next to e-bikes, the second largest category is city bikes with a market share of 23.5%. Not surprisingly road race bikes continue to be popular in Belgium ranking third with 10.7% market share. E-MTB as well as speed-pedelec sales have not yet picked-up substantially.

Ladies bikes and e-bike prices

The Velofollies bicycle survey also showed the importance of bicycles fitted with a ladies’ frame. They take up over 63% of the total market volume. In the e-bike category ‘ladies’ versions are even more important with a 75% market share.

The average retail priced for an e-bikes have showed a major increase in 2017; it increased by 3% from 2,260 euro in 2016 to 2,325 euro in 2017.

The Velofollies bike show starts tomorrow 19 January and runs to Sunday 21 January 2018. It takes place at the Kortrijk XPO exhibition center.

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