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Huge Increase in Number of US E-Bike Importers

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FORT MEYERS, USA – According to the latest e-bike market study published by eCycleElectric Consulting, the number of entities importing e-bikes has grown significantly from 135 in 2016 to 600 in 2017. This increase reflects the growing interest for this product, although most of these companies import only small quantities.

Huge Increase in Number of US E-Bike Importers
US e-bike market volume is estimated at 263,000 units in 2017 by eCycleElectric. – Photo Bike Europe

Only 15% of these companies import more than 250 units, whereas 85% less than 250 e-bikes concluded eCycleElectric Consulting in its market study. Of those smaller entities, 50% imported less than 100 units per container. 25% imported in quantities smaller than 20 units. This suggests that a lot of people are either experimenting with importing e-bikes, or are in the early stages of starting a new e-bike business. The vast majority of these e-bikes were imported from China and Taiwan.

10 – 15% increase

The total market volume including imports and local assemblies, is estimated at 263,000 units in 2017 by eCycleElectric. Related to 2016 the market volume increased by 10 to 15% last year. “However, the brands reporting strong growth are the e-bike specialist brands, primarily. We notice modest growth among the traditional bicycle brands,” eCycleElectric wrote in their study.

120 to 150 brands actively promote and sell e-bikes. eCycleElectric annually reports estimates on the e-bike market volume in the US. “The main obstacle to obtain exact import volumes for the USA market is the lack of a specific HS code for e-bikes. Therefore thousands of individual records are evaluated by hand as many products that would not be conventionally regarded as an “electric bike” may be listed as such, or in similar terms. One obstacle to correctly identifying e-bike shipments in particular is the prevalence of ‘hoverboard’ ride-on electric toys, which are almost always listed in import records as electric bicycles.”

Source: eCycleElectric Consulting

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