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Omni-Channel Leading Issue at Dahon’s Distributor Conference

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ZHUHAI, China – The importance of omni-channel on the rapidly changing bicycle market and the implications for folding bike specialist Dahon was highlighted at its recently held Global Distributor Conference in Zhuhai. “We believe it is essential to implement an omni-channel strategy,” said CEO Dr David Hon at the conference.

Omni-Channel Leading Issue at Dahon’s Distributor Conference
Omni-channel was main topic at 2018 Dahon Global Distributor Conference. – Photo Dahon

Distributors from nearly 30 countries together with 47 local partners gathered in the Chinese city of Zhuhai from 20 to 22 January. Key presentations on the program came from CEO Dr David Hon, and Vice President Tadihiro Kodama on the industry’s hot topic, omni-channel marketing.

Benefit from partners with omni-channel experience

“Organizing a global event gave us a perfect opportunity to discuss with our partners the necessity to take advantage and adapt to an omni-channel strategy,” explained Dr. David Hon after the conference. “It also gave us the chance to talk with our partners who are already doing an excellent job in their markets following an omni channel strategy. Not only for us, but specifically for more hesitant partners who can benefit from the experience of their colleagues. It is encouraging to hear their success stories as this market transformation is not happening overnight. But the world is changing, and we are committed to take part in this journey together with our partners.”

During the Dahon Global Distributor Conference attendees also previewed the 2019 folding bike range. They had the opportunity see all the latest designs and experience all new features during the test riding days.

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