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E-Bike Puts Dutch Market Back on Growth Track

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Driven by economic growth as well as e-bike popularity the Dutch bicycle market grew in 2017 by 3.2%. With that market volume upped for the first time since 2007. Obviously, e-bikes generated the largest part of the growth as its sales increased 8.7% to 294,000 units.

E-Bike Puts Dutch Market Back on Growth Track
E-bikes continued to grow its market share in both volume and value in the Netherlands in 2017. – Photo Iamsterdam

The total number of bicycles sold in the Netherlands last year was 957,000; an increase of 29,000 units compared to the 2016 total. Though the increase might be small in volume, the latest market statistics – published by the Dutch industry association Rai Vereniging in cooperation with dealer association BOVAG – mark an important turning point. In the past decade e-bike popularity pushed up turnovers and average retail prices but market volume lagged behind. In 2016 e-bike sales even declined slightly raising fears for market saturation. The latest 2017 market statistics clearly show this is not the case. They indicate that e-bike sales has not reached its maximum volume yet.

E-bikes account for over 50% in turnover

Last year the e-bike increased its market share in the Netherlands from 29% in 2016 to 31%. In turnover e-bikes generate now more than half of the total bicycle market value of 976 million euro. The availability of electric support for almost every kind of bicycle was one of the growth drivers of this category.

Though still small also speed pedelec sales boomed last year from 3,576 units in 2016 to 4,572 in 2017. According to RAI Vereniging this 27.8% increase can be attributed to the growing registration of dealer’s inventory as well as the popularity of this mobility product on the b2b market.


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