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German E-Bike Market Sees Record Growth in 2017

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BERLIN, Germany – The e-bike market in Germany is growing at record pace. The newest 2017 data from industry association ‘Zweirad-Industrie-Verband’ (ZIV) clearly underlines that e-bikes nowadays in Germany are, next to a preferred mode of mobility as well as for leisure and sports, also a clean, quiet and space-saving alternative for city logistics.

German E-Bike Market Sees Record Growth in 2017
E-city bikes are biggest category in Germany scoring 38.5% market share. – Photo Klever

In 2017, 720,000 e-bikes were sold in Germany. With that total sales increased by a big 19%. It makes that currently one in five bikes sold in Germany is an e-bike.

Market share

The e-bike share in total bicycle sales stands currently at 19%. ZIV expects that share to grow further in the next years; in the medium term to 23 – 25%, representing a total sale of close to one million units. ZIV’s long term expectations call for e-bikes to grow to a 35% market share, or a total of 1,350,000 units.

E-bike categories

On what e-bikes are sold in Germany ZIV states that about 99% are 250W/25 km/h models. About 1% are speed pedelecs; the 45 km/h models which must be type-approved and for which a helmet and insurance obligation applies. Furthermore; breaking down the 99% of 250W/25 km/h e-bikes then it shows that e-City bikes have a 38.5% share in total sales; E-Trekking stands at 35.5%, e-MTBs at 21.5% and e-Cargo bikes at 3%.

ZIV notes further that ‘Made in Germany’ e-bikes continue to be in high demand. The country’s bike makers exported 291.000 e-bikes in 2017; up 25% compared to the 2016 export total.

Total 2017 bicycle market

For the total bicycle market in Germany in 2017 ZIV notes that sales stood at 3.85 million units; 5% down on the 2016 total. The total amount of money involved with this sales stood at 2.69 billion euro; a 3.2% increase compared to 2016. Including P&A sales ZIV estimates that the total 2017 turnover made in Germany stood at 5.4 billion euro. The average sales price of a bicycle (including e-bikes) stood at 698 euro; up 8.6% on the price in 2016.

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