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E-Bikes Rocked Austrian Market in 2017

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VIENNA, Austria – Good News from Austria. With total sales of 120,474 e-bikes the ‘e’ category reached a 29.1% share in the total bicycle sale of the country in 2017. According to industry association VSSÖ ‘electric’ is growing to make up a third of Austria’s market.

E-Bikes Rocked Austrian Market in 2017
E-Bikes are widely rented out to cyclists touring Austria. - Photo Vienna city council

Last year all in all 414,000 bicycles have been sold last year in Austria. Compared to the 2016 total this stands for a 4.3% increase. 2017 has also been “The most successful year for bicycles since 2010”, is noted by the Austrian sporting goods industry association VSSÖ which is currently the ‘parent’ organization of Austria’s bicycle industry voice ARGE-Fahrrad. Generally said over the last years Austria’s market volume has always been hovering around the 400,000 unit mark.

Two e-bike categories

When having a closer look at Austria’s e-bikes sales it’s easy to recognize which category drove the market: e-MTBs. And because of last year’s huge demand ARGE-Fahrrad decided to split its e-bike listing into two categories: ‘e-bike STVO’ and ‘e-mountainbike’. And both show impressive sales numbers. The onroad-category e-bike STVO scored total sales of 53,406 units in 2017. The off road category even surpassed this number with total sales of 67,968 units. Together the two categories show that 120,474 e-bikes have been sold in Austria last year. Comparing this to the total e-bike sales number of 2016 growth stands at 39.2%!.

According to Austrian mobility organization VCÖ Austria the country now ranks third in the e-bike top-10 by market share  behind the Netherlands and Belgium but in front of Switzerland, Germany and Denmark.

E-bikes also pushed the average value for which a bike was sold in Austria in 2017. It stood at € 1,054; up 17.1% on the 2016 value. A comprehensive Market Report Austria is published is Bike Europe’s June/July edition.

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