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VP Components Launches Liquid Silicone Rubber Grips

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – VP Components will begin producing bicycle grips made from molded Liquid Silicone Rubber in a new production facility focused on applying this high-tech material both in and out of the bicycle industry.

VP Components Launches Liquid Silicone Rubber Grips
The SiMO Silicone Material is very high friction. – Photo VP

The new SiMO grips made from Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) differ from silicone foam and premium TPR rubber grips in a few key ways. “SiMO grips will offer a significantly higher coefficient of friction in both wet and dry conditions without having to resort to sticky coatings,” explains VP Components Brand Director Erik Saunders.

UV and Gamma stable

“These grips have a “soft touch” feel on par with today’s high-end consumer goods and can be produced in many micro-finishes and textures to enhance both their look and function. SiMO grips are 10x more UV and Gamma stable than current materials. They can match any Pantone color code and are nearly impossible to mark or stain so they will stay fresh and clean for as long as they are in use- even in bright white.”

LSR used in SiMO is also used extensively in the medical and electronics fields for its excellent mechanical properties, safe non-toxic nature, and unlimited color palette. Bicycle grips made from LSR will deliver a bigger tactile experience that can include fine details and varied finishes.

VP’s new grip will be on display at Sea Otter Classic from April 19-22.

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