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All You Need to Know on Optimizing Product Availability for Online Sales

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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Adjusting to the current market reality of rapidly growing online sales means most of all to optimize product availability. But that’s easier said than done. What’s needed behind the scenes of online sales to be able to cater to the consumer demand for same-day delivery times measured in hours? The Bike Europe Conference taking place at Messe Friedrichshafen on 7 July, one day before Eurobike 2018 starts, will provide the answers.

All You Need to Know on Optimizing Product Availability for Online Sales
Next to keynotes on digitalization, uniform product coding and data mining, Bike Europe’s Conference agenda offers case study on e-commerce in the US. – Photo Bike Europe

Main theme of this year’s Bike Europe Conference is: Behind the Scenes of Online Sales. It has everything to do with the inevitable presence of online shopping consumers.

Specific online challenges

The growth of online sales brings about a focus shift from dealers to consumers. However, this leads to incorporating a new distribution strategy which comes with specific challenges. Like logistical demands. They can be satisfied partly with close to market production, as well as warehousing ample stocks. But additional solutions are needed. Join us to learn more about essential topics for success with your online sales – such as the digitalization of operating processes, using uniform product coding, as well as data mining and sharing.


The Bike Europe Conference on Online Sales takes place in Messe Friedrichshafen’s Room Schweiz at Conference Center West. The Conference starts on Saturday July 7 at 11.30 and ends at 16.00 with network drinks and finger foods. For more information and for registration details:

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