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Blaze Rebranded to ‘beryl’ and Launches Next Generation Bicycle Lights

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LONDON, UK – Introduced as a Kickstarter project Blaze and rebranded this year as ‘beryl’ the company will bring out a new generation of lights for city-cyclists at Eurobike. “We want to be the most-loved consumer brand in the urban cycling space,” said beryl founder and CEO Emily Brooke.

Blaze Rebranded to ‘beryl’ and Launches Next Generation Bicycle Lights
“We continue to collaborate with our community and design experts in order to solve real problems with simple, intelligent products,” beryl founder and CEO Emily Blaze. – Photo beryl

At Eurobike beryl will launch a new line of lights for aftermarket, bike share as well as OEM, including the Laserlight Wired. The product has both standard dynamo and e-bike variations. In addition to the laser projection, Laserlight Wired has a 300 lumen light white light to illuminate the rider and their path on the road. The outer casing is constructed from a durable polymer, resulting in a waterproof, ultra-light product with no charging necessary; simply fit and forget. The Burner Wired is powered by beryl’s own developed algorithm, allowing communication with other road users when slowing down.

Visibility on the road

For the aftermarket beryl launches the Laserlight Core. The laser feature is complemented by a 400 lumen white light to provide further visibility on the road, and attaches easily to the front handlebars with a tool-free silicone bracket. The product is battery-powered with micro-USB charging for ease, and the outer casing is constructed from a durable polymer as well. The Burner Brake comes with beryl’s braking algorithm and lights up when slowing down. It comes with a ‘day flash mode’ and a high-low brightness, depending on the surroundings. The product is customisable to the rider’s personal setup, offering multiple fittings for a wide range of posts, including aero.

The Pixel is presented as the ultimate multi-purpose light for commuters and can be attached securely to bike posts, bags, helmets, or even your clothes with a multi-use mount and easy-fit silicone bracket for the bike. It also has a dual-light functionality in red or white. Each colour also comes with two modes; 100% brightness and flash mode. The product is rechargeable with micro-USB charging.

‘Tackle the challenge for city cyclists’

“beryl started as Blaze, a Kickstarter project that had been my final-year university project,” says beryl founder and CEO Emily Brooke. “I was determined to tackle the greatest challenge for city cyclists, which is personal safety and after 6 months of research and analysing the data, I was struck by one statistic – that 79% of cycle accidents occur when the bicycle is travelling ‘straight ahead’ and a vehicle ahead turns across their path. Five years later, we have two established partnerships with some of the world’s biggest bike share schemes (London and New York) as well as several more in the pipeline. We are committed to bringing the Laserlight technology and other lighting solutions to more people through OEM partnerships, consumer sales and, of course, bike share schemes.”

“All of our lights are designed in our London office, led by our Design Director, Daniel Barnes. The team is a collection of a passionate industrial designers, electronic engineers, researchers and cyclists, using innovation to put the bike at the heart of urban mobility. Our patented Laserlight technology was proven to increase visibility of cyclists in the blindspot of vehicles by over 30%. Consequently, we felt it was crucial that we made the Laserlight feature available to other cyclists, and a great way to do this was through OEM partnerships and making an e-bike compatible product.”

‘Expand our B2B business’

“We would love to see the Laserlight Wired being fitted to newly manufactured bicycles or e-bikes in Europe through an OEM partnership. In order to make this a reality, Kim Madsen (formerly Shimano) has joined our team to lead our Sales, and Alec Duffield (formerly GoPro) has been recruited to grow our bikeshare partnerships. Together, they are leading the expansion of our B2B business.”

“At a product level, we are fixated on bringing the latest technology to market. Our Burner Wired will be the most accurate ‘braking’ product on the market, and our Laserlight Wired is the world’s first Laserlight product designed exclusively for dynamo and e-bikes. As a business, we are dedicated to contributing to wider environmental and societal goals. In order to solidify our commitment to this, we will be certifying as a B-Corp soon, ensuring our manufacturing and business practices reach rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”

‘Collaborate with design expert’

“We are committed to challenging the bike light industry and bringing new innovations to market. We want to be the most-loved consumer brand in the urban cycling space, and believe that we can achieve that if we continue to collaborate with our community and design experts in order to solve real problems with simple, intelligent products,” said Emily Brooke of beryl.


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