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Dutch Government Invests Additional 100 Million in Cycling

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THE HAGUE, the Netherlands – To promote cycling and to avoid congestion in and around cities, the Dutch Government will invest substantially in more cycling infrastructure. “Our aim is to get 200,000 people who are now commuting by car on their bike,” said Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management Stientje van Veldhoven yesterday.

Dutch Government Invests Additional 100 Million in Cycling
In the next years some 200,000 commuters will have to switch from a car to their bike. – Photo Bike Europe

“It is my ambition to ensure that people can easily go to work, school, family or friends. The bicycle makes an important contribution to accessibility, quality of life and health. It reduces traffic jams and gives room to people who do not have a choice,” said Van Velthoven.

More fiscal incentives

“More than half of the employees live within 15 km of work. Thanks to the e-bike, that is a distance that can done easily. So get out of the car, on the bike, especially when the weather is nice. To promote cycling among commuters we will discuss what we offer on fiscal incentives. Today people can get a tax free allowance when they travel by car of 19 cents per kilometre. We want to offer this incentive to cyclists who commute as well.”

The 100 million euro investment by the government will be spent the next two and a half years on cycling ways (26 million euro) and parking facilities at railway stations (74 million euro). These new parking facilities will have to allow access of ‘new’ categories like speed-pedelecs and cargo bikes as well.

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