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Flyer To Expand to France

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HUTTWIL, Switzerland – Flyer/Biketec AG is expanding its presence in Europe and opening up the French market. The Swiss e-bike pioneer’s premium pedelecs will be sold through the French specialist trade. To achieve this, Flyer/Biketec AG has appointed the Alsatian Christian Gissler as its Sales Director for France. The focus of this expansion is on the eastern half of France and on the Greater Paris area.

Flyer To Expand to France
Flyer/Biketec AG has appointed Christian Gissler as Sales Director France. – Photo Flyer

Flyer/Biketec AG has already achieved success in the whole German-speaking market, is represented in the Netherlands and Benelux countries, and exports 75% of the premium e-bikes it produces. The Swiss company now aims to conquer the French market as well, and is building up a network of specialist Flyer dealers in France. From summer 2018 onwards and with the introduction of the new 2019 model year, Flyer e-bikes will be available from selected French specialist dealers.

Regional focus

In the first year, all Flyer e-bikes with a Bosch drive will be available in the range for France. In addition to the Greater Paris area, the regional focus of the expansion will be on the eastern parts of the country bordering Switzerland, namely the regions of Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine, Alsace, Burgundy, Franche-Comté, Rhône-Alpes, Provence and Côte d’Azur.

“We see great potential for the Flyer brand in France. We want to make people in and around Paris enthusiastic about our modern Urban and Tour models, in particular. Because the interest in sporty e-MTBs is increasing in France, as well as in many other markets, we also see outstanding opportunities for the Flyer Uproc series. A growing number of French people, especially in the Alpine regions south of Lake Geneva and in the beautiful regions with low mountain ranges, want to ride an e-MTB in their leisure time”, says Christian Müller, CSO of Biketec AG.

French distribution landscape

With Christian Gissler assuming responsibility for sales in France, Biketec AG has been able to recruit someone with inside knowledge of the sector and in-depth insight into the French distribution landscape. Gissler started his career as a specialist bicycle dealer, and over the past two decades has been Sales Manager for various major bicycle brands in France and other markets. His most recent role was as an independent brand representative for the Kelly Bicycles brand on the French market.

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