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Veer’s Split Belt Makes Belt Drives Accessible to All

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MARIN COUNTY, USA – Belt drives offer many advantages to the cycling world, but a big caveat has been that specially designed split frames are needed to install a belt. Veer is seeking to change that. With their innovative belt splice technology, joining a belt through the rear frame triangle like a chain is now possible.

Veer’s Split Belt Makes Belt Drives Accessible to All
Carbon fibre belts are spliced in ‘V’ shape. – Photo

“The Split Belt came out of necessity”, says CEO and Founder, Sean Hacking. “As I was bootstrapping development for alternative belt drives, I couldn’t afford to buy even one or two bikes with a split frame. This splice design is the only method that allows use of off-the-shelf timing belts and retains the same strength as a chain. It also needed to be user-installable and remain as narrow as other belt drives.”

Distributing forces

The carbon fibre belts are spliced in a ‘V’ shape that distributes force along the entire length of the splice, allowing it to retain the same strength as a chain. Inserting rivets through 20 teeth, they are locked in place by clinching and splaying the ends. The belts are custom-sized to any frame and Veer’s sprockets utilize an updated tooth profile that allows for lower belt tension than other belt drive systems.

Tool free adjustment & removal

Along with their belt technology, Veer offers a tensioner that can be used with vertical dropouts, full suspension bikes, and offer tool free adjustment and removal. Their Split Belt Pro kit, which is set to release in the fall, will deliver an optimized design, more adjustability, and more compatibility.

The belt drive market continues to expand globally, and as urban and electric bikes gain traction in the US, belts are gaining visibility. Veer’s technology seeks to open the belt market and is positioned to get as many people as they can on belt drive bikes.

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