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Nexo Makes Pumping Tyres History

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – The Nexo airless tyres are puncture-proof, durable, pump-free and the manufacturer guarantees a worry-free bike ride. At Eurobike the company will unveil the latest addition to its expanding tyre range, the 700x40C for e-bikes.

Nexo Makes Pumping Tyres History
Latest addition to Nexo’s expanding tyre range is 700x40C for e-bikes. – Photo Nexo

Instead of air all Nexo tyres are filled with NEXELL, an innovative material created by Otrajet Inc. Thanks to the absence of air, there is no need for repairing or changing a flat tyre. Also pumping the tyres is history. In addition, Nexo tyres have passed the JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) Treading Durability Test. During the test the wear was only 0.2 mm after 5,000 kilometres. Nexo offers a maintenance free lifetime of 3 years in regular conditions.

Patented safety device

Nexo has also created a patented safety device called T-bolt. According to Nexo, these bolts “make the Nexo safer than the traditional airless tyres. It keeps the tyres centered in the rim.” The T-Bolt comes in different sizes to fit on the existing rims without purchasing the new one.

Nexo products will be on display at Eurobike, booth number A4-408

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