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Shimano Expands E-MTB Range With STEPS E7000

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NUNSPEET, the Netherlands – To serve a wider audience of e-MTB riders, Shimano developed the STEPS E7000 groupset. Shimano today unveils this e-bike groupset featuring new shift switches, drive unit, display unit and smartphone customization options.

Shimano Expands E-MTB Range With STEPS E7000
Thanks to slim design of the drive unit, Shimano STEPS features the typical MTB distance between the crank arms (Q-factor). – Photo Shimano

While Shimano’s E8000 e-MTB groupset has been designed for difficult trails with extreme ascents, the Japanese component manufacturer developed the E7000 for more recreational mountain biking with its rider-tuned support. This new groupset will be available as of next September.

Handy features

The handlebar controls for Shimano STEPS E7000 include a left-hand side switch to change support modes and a symmetrical right-hand side switch/shifter to take care of gear controls. A handy feature for mountain bikers is the design of the left-hand side switch that allows a neat combination with a thumb-operated remote seat post lever. This comes in a clamp band design, compatible with all mountain bike set ups including Shimano’s new i-Spec EV standard for an even neater cockpit.

Information display

All the metrics coming from the motor unit, the battery and Shimano’s Di2 system can be shown on a new display. Thanks to Shimano STEPS’ wireless functionality all riding information can also be displayed on 3rd party devices such as GPS or smart phone by using the new minimalistic EW-EN100 connector to transfer the information.

Drive unit technology

The 60Nm drive unit comes with the option to customize the rider’s performance ranging between optimum acceleration or optimum battery conservation. The system’s characteristics Explorer, Dynamic or Custom can be set with the drive unit of smart phone. Just like the E8000, the E7000 drive unit has a peak power of 500-watts (nominal power output: 250W) with a maximum support up to 25 km/h.

Support modes

To suit the different riding conditions the system can be set in three modes: Eco, Trail or Boost. The characteristics of these modes can also be adjusted between Explorer, Dynamic or Custom using Shimano’s smartphone app allowing e-MTB riders to fine tune support to focus on battery consumption or riding support level.


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