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TriEye Eyewear With Integrated Rearview Mirror

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OSLO, Norway – Keeping an eye on the traffic and fellow bikers behind can be a challenge without mirror on the bike. TriEye developed eyewear with integrated mirror which is launched at Eurobike.

TriEye Eyewear With Integrated Rearview Mirror
The TriEye rear view eye wear weighs only 29 grams. – Photo TriEye

TriEye claims that just a slight tilt on your head is enough to keep an eye on the road behind when biking. This hassle free rearview, as you don’t have to turn your head, makes cycling much safer.

TriEye has been developed by Norwegian cyclists and designers with the aim to increase cyclist’s road safety. Obviously the mirror is the main part of TriEye which is mounted on ball socket allowing to point freely for an unrestricted rear view.

The rear mirror fits on both the left and the right side. TriEye is available in white or black, in two different frame sizes and three lenses for different weather conditions.

Eurobike booth number FG A6/4.

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