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Brose Develops City Bike Drive System

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BERLIN, Germany – The Drive C is Brose’s fifth e-bike system and specially designed for city use. Its dimensions are the same as Brose’s other aluminium housed drive systems. The Drive C offers lots of design freedom to e-bike developers as it can be mounted in any 360 degree position.

Brose Develops City Bike Drive System
The Drive C is specifically designed for city e-bikes. The Drive C comes with an internal carbon-reinforced belt made by Gates. – Photos Brose

As the Drive C is specifically designed for city e-bikers, it delivers continuous, smooth power within a cadence range of 20 to 70 pedal rotations per minute. Regardless the cadence the Brose drive delivers a torque of 50Nm. With its support of up to 280 percent, the Drive C almost triples the rider input. According to Brose, “The drive smooths out any inconsistent rider input, which results in a harmonic riding feeling.”

Cooperation with Gates

An internal carbon-reinforced belt made by Gates concealed in the housing reduces the noise and prevents vibrations from being transmitted to the pedal. Thanks to the Brose dual freewheel technology, the drive decouples completely once the battery is exhausted. This allow to continue cycling as easy as on any regular bike.

Brose e-bike system family

The Drive C completes the Brose e-bike system family which also features the sporty Drive S Mag and Drive S Alu for mountain bikes, the Drive TF for S-Pedelecs for assistance up to 45 kilometres per hour, and the highly efficient Drive T for long distance touring. Brose entered the e-bike market in 2015. All systems are “Made in Germany”: around 50 employees develop and produce the drives at the e-bike competence center in Berlin.

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