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Taiwan Lifts E-Bike Export in Both Volume and Value

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – The latest Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA) statistics show a major improvement of the country’s bicycle and e-bike industry’s performance. According to the TBA e-bike exports increased 44.9 percent to 155,910 units between January and July this year.

Taiwan Lifts E-Bike Export in Both Volume and Value
Growth in e-bikes compensates for the loss in export of regular bikes by Taiwan’s bicycle industry – Photo Bike Europe

On top of the growing volume also the average value per exported unit increased substantially to over 1,200 euro. It resulted in an export value hike of 54 percent to close to 190 million euro. “Rising prices and export volumes of e-bikes helped Taiwanese manufacturers to buck downward pressure on their overall exports,” reported Jih Sun Securities Investment Consulting in the Taipei Times.

No short-term development

The export hike is not a short-term development only as the market outlook remains positive. “Export volumes of Taiwan-made electric bicycles are expected to continue to grow, but the proportion of original-equipment manufacturing production is expected to increase as well,” reports Jih Sun Securities Investment Consulting.

In line with previous publications, TBA reports a decline in shipments of bicycles and e-bikes combined by 6.4 percent between January and July compared with 2017 to 1.24 million units. The e-bike export share in combination with the increased average price of e-bikes is now more than sufficient to compensate for the loss in export of regular bikes. The TBA statistics indicate an increase in export value of 16 percent year-on-year to 683 million euro. The average selling price of Taiwan made bicycles and e-bike combined increased by 24 percent to 551.40 euro.

US main growth market

In volume Europe is still the largest market for Taiwan made e-bikes with 101,029 units, an increase of 23 percent. However, export to North America increased by 121 percent to 35,701 e-bikes between January and July.

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