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Volkswagen Launches Cargo E-Bike

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HANNOVER, Germany – Automotive giant Volkswagen (VW) included a cargo e-bike as part of its solution for sustainable goods transport in urban regions. It can carry a load of up to 210 kgs (driver included), and is able to handle cargo volumes of up to a half cubic meter. Volkswagen’s (VW) cargo e-bike is equipped with a 250-watt mid motor combined with an automatic transmission.

Volkswagen Launches Cargo E-Bike
Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles CEO Thomas Sedran presents VW’s cargo e-bike. – Photo VW

“The cargo e-bike is VW’s solution for the mobility challenges of tomorrow,” said Thomas Sedran, Chairman of the company’s Board for Commercial Vehicles. Sedran outlined VW’s objectives during a presentation of the cargo e-bike at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hannover yesterday. “We are thinking ahead about sustainable mobility for our customers and for better air quality in our cities.”

VW in-house project

The three-wheeled cargo e-bike in an in-house project of Volkswagen and developed in cooperation with the company’s strategic partner ABT. It comes with a small turning circle as well as an innovative tilt-compensating technology which always keeps the load platform horizontal.

Gazelle’s e-transporter

Next to VW also Pon Bike Group’s subsidiary Gazelle entered the stage at the IAA show in Hannover for the presentation of their cargo e-bike, the D10. The parcel delivery transporter is a joint project of Gazelle, Aluca and ‘mobility as a service’ (MaaS) start-up DOCKR. As specialist in commercial vehicle applications, Aluca developed the luggage box.

Light electrical freight transporter

The Gazelle D10 is a cargo e-bike that accommodates up to two standard luggage boxes with Euro Pallet dimensions (1,200 x 800 x 1,100 millimetre), a volume of one cubic meter and a load capacity of 100 kgs. The so called ‘Light Electrical Freight Transporter’ (LEFT) comes with a 250W Bosch Performance CX motor in combination with a 1,000 Wh battery. Gazelle presented its cargo e-bike as their “solution for smart, fast, green and (cost-) efficient ‘last-mile’ transport for inner city areas aiming to make cities cleaner, safer, better accessible and more sustainable.”

Pilot in Amsterdam

The Gazelle D10 cargo e-bike will be manufactured at the Gazelle factory in Dieren, the Netherlands. This autumn, Gazelle will start a pilot in Amsterdam in collaboration with the Dutch postal service PostNL. The D10 is expected to make its market entry in 2019.

The next generation cargo e-bikes of both VW and Gazelle are on display at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show that takes place from 20 to 27 September 2018 in Hannover, Germany.


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