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Polini Extends Range to 420 km With 1,000 Wh Battery

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MILAN, Italy – The 76st EICMA will open its doors in Milan next Thursday. Once again the show will include a dedicated e-bike area. Polini, one of the well-known Italian brand names in the motorcycles and scooter industry, will present a remarkable 1,000 Wh dual battery system.

Polini Extends Range to 420 km With 1,000 Wh Battery
Polini developed a dual battery system for its E-P3 mid-motor. – Photo Polini

This dual battery system will provide an extraordinary range in combination with the Polini P3 mid motor. The P3 was introduced in 2016. According to Polini P3’s new battery system provides a range of no less than 420 kilometres on a road bike. But also on MTBs, the performance of the E-P3 will improve substantially thanks to the dual battery system.

High versatility

Soon after its introduction the E-P3 e-bike motor became known for its high versatility. Thanks to its low weight and limited volume it fits very well on a wide range of e-bikes, including road race. The mid motor weights 2,850 grams only. To make OEM assembly easier, the fitting of the mid-motor allows for universal, road, MTB front and MTB full-suspension variations. The 250 watt motor offers peak torque of 70Nm.

About Polini

Founded in 1945 as a small workshop for bicycles, Battista Polini soon rode the wave of the country’s thriving industrial development in the fifties. In their search for new solutions to ensure the engines better performance, Polini became trendsetting in the design and in the production of special parts for scooters and motorscooters. Today Polini is present in more than 64 countries.

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