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Market Report: E-Bike Sales in Denmark Growing to Maturity

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – With an import that quadrupled in the past five years and a market share that is nearing ten percent, e-bikes are growing into a significant force on the bicycle market in Denmark. This is what the 2017 numbers indicate with unfortunately the latest on 2018 still missing. However, also in Denmark the warmest summer in history that ‘baked’ the biggest part of Europe with multiple heatwaves also accelerated (electric) bike sales in Denmark.

Market Report: E-Bike Sales in Denmark Growing to Maturity
Velobarista bike shop in Copenhagen. – Photo Velobarista

Denmark and especially its Capital Copenhagen is leading the world for its bike mobility, that even surpasses that of Holland which is considered to be cycling country number one in the world. However, for e-bikes the development of sales in Denmark is taking place at a much lower pace compared to Holland or Germany. In Holland e-bike sales are growing to an over 30 percent market share in units and money-wise even close to 60 percent. The Danish market is still a long way off for such numbers.

E-bike sales continues to pick up speed

However, some five years after the first e-bikes made their appearance in the country with the first models being produced in Denmark and a couple of thousands being imported, e-bike sales continues to pick up speed. Their import grew in 2017 with over 10 percent to 40,568 units. When taking into account the production of electric bicycles in Denmark which stood at some 2,500 units in 2017 and adding the import and extracting the e-bike export, it shows that last year the total market availability for this category was up with some 17 percent compared to the 2016 total.

Rising production in Denmark

Sales wise the e-bike market accelerated with a 13.1 percent increase to 38,500 units building on the 9% growth in volume in 2016. This is according to the figures released by the Danish bicycle dealers and industry organization Danske Cykelhandlere. This organization also points to another remarkable development on e-bikes which is a significantly rising production. All in all it leads to the conclusion the electric bicycles are growing to maturity in Denmark.

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