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TBS Upgrades Power Meter in Valve-Cap

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – It weighs only 10 grams. The Arofly power meter looks like an odd, oversized valve cap screwed onto the back tyre valve. The newly presented second generation called Arofly Elite just won a Taiwan Excellence Award 2019.

TBS Upgrades Power Meter in Valve-Cap
Arofly Elite includes a GPS cycle computer as well as a cadence sensor. – Photo German Eslava

The Arofly Elite includes a GPS cycle computer as well as a cadence sensor. The cycle computer now also shows the rear tire pressure together with standard data like cadence, speed, distance and altitude. Most important is the elevation of the data accuracy and consistency.

Small transmitter

The Elite uses its own APP to connect the bicycle computer to the Smart Phone for reviewing data and uploading data wireless to the cloud from where metrics can be exported to the Strava. To allow an open connection to third party bicycle computers the company is releasing the Arofly Link. This small transmitter will send all data via ANT+ or Bluetooth to the bicycle computers.

An additional function connects the APP to the smart phone to show the data in real time. Arofly technology measures the tiny changes in tire pressure that occur when a cyclist applies power to the pedals. These changes are calculated as power output and shown on the display. The TBS Group is a Taiwan sporting goods manufacturer that makes a range of products, from pool and snooker tables and cues to inflatable pools to baseball gloves.

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