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EU’s E-Bike Import Grows to Over 1 Million Units

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – The import of electric bicycles into the European Union’s 28 member states has been growing to over 1 million units last year. According to Eurostat, that e-bike import showed a rise of 36 percent in the first nine months of 2018. What contributed to this big growth is the rapidly rising import from Taiwan. However, China again accounted for the main part of this rise. Stockpiling effects by various importers of made in China e-bikes contributed to the import rise as anti-dumping measures loomed.

EU’s E-Bike Import Grows to Over 1 Million Units
EU import of Taiwan made e-bikes increased by 67 percent in first nine months of 2018. – Photo Bike Europe

In the January – September 2018 period close to 1,030,000 electric bicycles were imported in particular from China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Switzerland. This total rose from close to 760,000 units in the same period of 2017, resulting in a 36 percent growth. The average value per imported unit showed a 5.5 percent drop to close to 531 euro.

Huge rise in imports from Taiwan

What is in particular striking when viewing the import flows more closely, is the huge rise in the number of e-bikes originating from Taiwan. The import from the island off the coast of China showed a 67 percent growth in the first nine months of 2018. A total of close to 155,000 electric bicycles came from Taiwan. Percentage-wise this is the biggest growth compared to the imports from other countries.

Next to Taiwan also the import from Vietnam showed significant growth

Imports from China

In absolute numbers China accounted for the biggest part of the import growth. In the January to September 2018 period close to 720,000 e-bikes were imported from China; some 175,000 more compared to the same period in 2017. This accounted for a 32 percent rise which, as said, is caused by stockpiling effects as in the first half of 2018 the dumping case for e-bikes imported from China had a growing influence on trade. This is evidenced by Eurostat’s 2018 half year figures for e-bikes imported from China. In the first six months of last year that import was up by a huge 89 percent to 615,000 units. In the next three months e-bike import from China slowed down hard with only 105,000 units more that came from China to the EU.

Looking at the other countries from which the EU member states imported e-bikes, it shows that next to Taiwan also the import from Vietnam showed significant growth. 117,000 units were imported from this country; up 28%. Also the e-bike import from Switzerland rose big time with 49 percent. However, in absolute number that import is limited to 28,000 units.

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