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‘Taking Bold Steps in E-Bike Development’

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BERLIN, Germany – The 2019 e-bike market will above all be dominated by models equipped with smaller and lighter mid-motors. In particular Brose focused its developments on such distinctive features. The company launched at Eurobike 2018 the new Smag drive with which it took “A bold step forward”, says Dr. Joachim Volland, Head of Brose Antriebstechnik. Brose has now been rewarded for it with the Design & Innovation Award 2019.

‘Taking Bold Steps in E-Bike Development’
Smaller, lighter and more powerful mid-motors is what’s coming at 2019 e-bikes and the ones of later model year’s. Like the now rewarded Brose Smag. – Photo Brose

Smaller, lighter and more powerful mid-motors is what’s coming at 2019 e-bikes and the ones of later model year’s. For meeting such requirements Brose’s Smag mid-motor comes with magnesium housing. It saves 500 grams in weight while the Smag is also 15% smaller compared to current mid-motors resulting in a weight of 2,900 grams.

Compact motors

Another example of such compact motors is the one from newcomer Metz. Metz also has its roots in the automotive sector. However, through the Daum group, that since 2015 owns Germany based Metz, it also has a background in e-bikes as well as bicycle ergometers. Metz offers the mecatech very compact mid-motor that weighs 2.8 kg.

Race for more power

In terms of power; a maximum torque of some 60 to 70 Nm is no longer the standard. Next to more compact, the race for more power is also a fact. With that power to be used in e-MTBs, Cargo bikes and speed pedelecs. The Metz mecatech offers up to 85 Nm of torque while the Brose Smag is capable of90 Nm. Also, this mid-motor for e-MTBs comes with “Flex Power Mode” which is a combination of two software features – Cadence Power Control (CPC) enabling up to 30 percent more support at higher cadences and Progressive Pedal Response (PPR) providing a fast drive response when pressure is applied to the pedals.

New benchmark

These features have been recognized and rewarded as the Brose Smag has won the Design & Innovation Award 2019. Its jury members are known for them not only analyzing the products theoretically, but also for their testing. The jury evaluated the Brose Drive S Mag as a “new benchmark in the emountain bike segment” in the ‘components (offroad)’ category. The combination of compact design, natural power delivery and high performance convinced the panelists during a rigorous two-week evaluation. “It particularly impressed us how well this powerhouse can be controlled. Thanks to its speed and torque-dependent control in ‘Flex Power Mode’, the Drive S Mag delivers its power very naturally and reacts even more directly to the rider´s input.”

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