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Prologo Launches Design Challenge at Milan University

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MILAN, Italy – Prologo developed its latest saddle in close cooperation with the Politecnico University of Milan. The design challenge at Polifactory, a multidisciplinary research laboratory of the University resulted in the Proxim W650.

Prologo Launches Design Challenge at Milan University
The Proxim W650 uses a new Multi - Sector system. – Photo Prologo

The 360 degrees project started with an in-depth market analysis to get to know the industry, the target group and competitors on the market. “Enthusiasts and innovators explored the future of the bicycle,” explains Prologo. “How they will be produced in the future and above what are the needs and rider’s characteristics of those who will use them daily. This information was used to create the best possible product that we could offer the market,”

E-bike dedicated saddle

“The result was the Proxim e-bike saddle range. As accelerating is very different when riding and e-bike compared with a regular bicycle it requires different specifications of the saddle. The Proxim W650 uses a new Multi – Sector system. This technology provides three different individual zones separated along the saddle. Each of them is made of different interactive foams and paddings. These areas adapt to the riding positions of the cyclist.”

Proxim’s design is based on the successful Dimension saddle but is shorter. On the edges the W650 is more flexible than a regular saddle allowing greater freedom of movement. Another topic specifically studied to design this saddle is the tip. It has been optimized in size and angle to eliminate pressure during maximum thrust or very technical climbs. The W650 also features a central tunnel, Prologo’s PAS system, to eliminate numbness and it reduces the compression of soft issues, improving blood flow in the pelvic area.

The monocoque shell has been specifically designed for the new Multi – Sector System. The material used for the cover on the back part of the saddle has been redesigned to increase the grip ensuring optimum performance in all weather conditions.

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