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2nd Electronics Powerhouse from Taiwan Enters E-Bike Market

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – After Darfon Electronics Corp. entered the e-bike market in 2015, now another computer giant from Taiwan is making its appearance. And this one is even much bigger compared to Darfon. It’s a multi-billion computer laptop, tablet etcetera maker based in Taiwan which is now stepping into the electric bicycle market through one of its subsidiaries.

2nd Electronics Powerhouse from Taiwan Enters E-Bike Market
Acer, Taiwan’s multi-billion computer maker, enters e-bike market through one of its subsidiaries: MPS. – Photo Bike Europe

MPS Energy Inc. is this subsidiary of the computer giant Acer Group. MPS stands for Mobile Power System. This already indicates the company’s main activity; making batteries. But the MPS batteries must stand out from the competition as they are claimed to be Smart. They provide users with detailed info on battery status and it integrates the battery system with the bike through a mobile app as well as cloud computing technologies.

Thermal control mechanisms

Next to e-bikes, MPS batteries are also targeting e-scooters, e-ATVs as well as energy storage systems. The batteries are made of, what MPS calls “High capacity power cells” that together with the company’s Battery Management System must provide “the best battery life”. They also include various thermal control mechanisms for overheat and overvoltage protection as well as electrical and mechanical designs for the prevention of thermal runaway.

Various designs & capacities

The MPS Li-Ion batteries comply with the EN15194: 2017 standard and come in various designs: down tube, in tube and rear rack as well as in various capacities. Maximum Wh stands at 504. The company also offers two battery chargers that both have an output voltage of 36V and currents of 2 and 4A.

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