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Hayes Components To Make Kids’ Cycling Safer

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MEQUON, USA – Hayes Performance Systems’ product development team designed a set of kids components. “Our inspiration was fueled when we saw so many kids struggling with the lack of performance-level components,” the US based component manufacturer states in a press release.

Hayes Components To Make Kids’ Cycling Safer
‘We saw so many kids struggling with the lack of performance-level components,’ states Hayes. – Photo Hayes

The product development has aimed at creating components which offer the functionality normally reserved for adult riders, now optimized for kids. The Junit line of components feature youth sized 20 and 24-inch suspension, wheels, hydraulic brakes, and a handlebar/grip system, specifically tailored for young riders.

Adult functionality and adjustability

The Manitou Machete 20 and 24 inch suspension forks offer complete adult functionality and adjustability, yet specifically tuned for kids. Hayes has applied its extensive suspension expertise and knowledge to create this kids’ bike component.

Another component of the Junit system are the SUNringlé Düroc wheels. Offered in both 20 and 24-inch, Junit Düroc are presented as “high quality, tubeless ready wheels for kids. Our wheel engineers applied their experience in designing rim profiles, materials, as well as applying SUNringlé Tubeless Ready technology yielding a premium youth wheel system,” states Hayes.

The short finger lever

Based on Hayes award – winning Dominion A4 hydraulic brake, the company also developed a brake system specifically for any rider with smaller hands. The result is the short finger lever (SFL). According to Hayes, “it maintains all the power and feel of their proven A4 design, fitted with a specifically smaller and narrower brake lever optimized for small hands.”

The Junit ProTaper MTB handlebar and grip is the final part of the system. Engineering began by researching anthropometric data from a NASA database. “We determined the average hand size of a 6 to 10 year old. Normally, grip diameter is a result of adding material to a standard handlebar size. For the Junit ProTaper handlebar system we began by determining the ideal grip diameter and worked inward. The result is a handlebar and grip with a 23mm outside diameter that’s ideal for a smaller ergonomic profile. The Junit ProTaper handlebar and grip are specifically designed to be used together.”

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