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Brose Introduces New Displays

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BERLIN, Germany – E-bike system supplier Brose developed an all new line of displays to make operating an e-bike more intuitive and ergonomic. “The displays are designed to meet different riders’ unique needs and fit perfectly in the existing Brose Drive product family,” said Brose in a statement.

Brose Introduces New Displays
Brose displays are designed to keep hands firmly on the handlebar while operating them. – Photo Brose

The Brose displays can be operated while keeping hands firmly on the handlebar. The primary control, changing the support levels, is within easy reach, positioned right at the thumb. Other functions such as the light and menu are set via the button on top of it. Mostly used on hills, the walk assist feature is within easy reach under the support level switch buttons.

Compatible with all Brose drives

The new displays have an impact-resistant ABS casing and are compatible with any e-bike featuring Brose drives. This makes them suitable for easy retrofitting. Depending on the model, the information displayed includes battery charge, support level, speed, range, an odometer, trip information, light, time and walk assist.

For optimum readability in both darkness and direct sunlight, the Brose Allround and Central displays feature a backlight function. The screen brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically. The displays allow for easy connection to the digital Brose Service Tool, for a quick maintenance and repair by certified dealers.

Product line-up

Brose’s new line of displays contains three different models. The Allround comes with 1.5 inch colour screen and can be mounted on any position on the handlebar. The Remote is for e-bikers looking for minimalist design with all the functionalities. The Central is ideal for urban and trekking bikes. The 3.5 inch high definition colour screen takes readability to the max under any conditions.

E-bikes with the new Brose displays will be available after Eurobike 2019.

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