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Bicycle Industry Visits Google’s European Headquarters

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DUBLIN, Ireland – Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) visited Google’s European Headquarters last week to start a search for connected cycling solutions. “We see this visit as the start of a programme to support businesses that have products or innovations in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) sector including connected cycling tech, data tools, Apps, digital services or artificial intelligence solutions for cycling,” said CIE Chief Executive Kevin Mayne.

Bicycle Industry Visits Google’s European Headquarters
Google informed the visitors about their newest cycle data innovations, comparing bike adoption and travel insight comparisons. – Photo Google

“Cycling contributes to economically vibrant, less congested, healthier cities,” adds Kevin Mayne. “Despite this there has been limited success in bringing cycling into EU initiatives for Big Data, ITS and Smart Cities, even though there are many innovators creating products and data at local and national level.”

Future direction

“To make connected cycling work we now need a team effort by bike makers, sharing companies, services and lease companies, digital device suppliers, software and application makers. We need to create a comprehensive audit of digital services across the EU so we really can understand the richness of cycling related ITS services and their future direction.”

Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) and its bicycle ITS Project have collaborated with Velo-city 2019 and Smart Dublin to arrange a technical visit to Google EMEA Headquarters and to promote a Smart Pedal Pitch competition for cycling innovations last week.

Cycling data innovations at Google

The visitors were informed about Google’s newest cycle data innovations, comparing bike adoption and travel insight comparisons. They will also be hearing about the state of affairs on existing Intelligent Transport Systems and geolocation data insights in Dublin, Ireland, and across Europe.

What is the bicycle ITS project (BITS)

“A modal shift to green transport is urgently needed as congestion, pollution, growing population and health problems threaten the livability of the EU’s urban areas,” reports CIE about the BITS project. “Cycling has proven to be a major solution for these challenges. Not only as separate mode but also as a part of the multimodal transport system. More cycling data is urgently needed to position cycling within the multimodal transport system and to improve the system as a whole.”

“Regions involved in BITS already show a high bicycle use (NL, DK, BE) or have ambition to increase bicycle use (UK, DE). ITS are important tools to achieve this, while also producing the desired cycling data. The demonstration of ITS applications and cycling data will allow others to use these cycling data for applications and policies. The effectiveness of ITS solutions will be evaluated, challenges identified, and results disseminated to other regions.”


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