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Halfords UK Expects Huge Increase in E-Bike Sales

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REDDITCH, UK – Based on company data, population, car registration figures and the latest market statistics, Halfords UK expects that some 1.5 million e-bikes will be sold by 2050 in Great Britain. This outlook was published in a blog last week by Halfords.

Halfords UK Expects Huge Increase in E-Bike Sales
Halfords expects London to be biggest market within the UK with almost half a million units sold by 2050. – Photo Volt

“As more people discover the health, environmental and money-saving benefits of cycling short distances over the use of cars, electric bike popularity is increasing,” stated the UK retailer. Obviously, London is regarded as the biggest market with almost half a million units sold while also Liverpool, Belfast, Bristol, and Birmingham are seen as important markets for e-bike sales.

More technology

Two external specialists were quoted in Halfords’ blog. According to Jim Martin, editor of Tech Advisor, e-bike sales will hike because “it’s now more cost effective than before to add technology” and “in 2050 e-bikes will be even easier to use”.

Wellbeing and lifestyle consultant, Yvonne Wake Bsc Msc RNutr sees only advantage when people ride e-bikes: “E-bikes encourage exercise for all. I have no doubt that it would positively impact the increasing obesity and heart disease rates we are seeing.”

Less car registrations

Halfords’ forecast is supported recent data of the UK Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), who reported a 5.7 percent decline in new car registrations in the UK in 2017. Halfords “sees a direct connection in the rise in e-bikes last year.”

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