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Italy’s E-Bike Sales Make Big Step Forward

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MILAN, Italy – In line with the 2018 market statistics in other EU countries, also the Confindustria ANCMA, Italy’s National Association of Cycle, Motorcycle and Accessories Industry reported a double digit sales hike in e-bikes. Also the production of e-bikes increased substantially.

Italy’s E-Bike Sales Make Big Step Forward
“More and better investments are needed,” said Confindustria ANCMA President, Andrea Dell'Orto. – Photo ANCMA

In 2018 the e-bike market volume expanded by 16.8 percent to 173,000 units. “In the sharing economy, the success of the two-wheeled mobility solution does not stop the Italians’ desire to purchase a bicycle,” said Confindustria ANCMA President, Andrea Dell’Orto at the presentation of the 2018 market statistics. “Some 1,595,000 bicycles and e-bikes were sold in 2018, a decline of 5.5 percent compared with 2017.” The overall decrease in market volume only concerns the sale of regular bicycles which reported a minus of 7.6 percent.

E-bike production hiked

The domestic e-bikes production jumped by 290 percent to 102,000 units. According to ANCMA, “this is the result of the introduction of the EU anti-dumping duties on China made e-bikes.” The overall production of bicycles and e-bikes combined remained more or less the same at 2,445,000 units in 2018.

The hike in e-bike production is also reflected in the export statistics. The 2018 e-bike export value increased to 42 million euro, up 300 percent compared with 2017. Overall, the export value of traditional bicycles and e-bikes, was about the same as in 2017 at 183 million euro. In 2018, the export volume of bicycles and e-bikes dropped considerably by 12.4 percent from 1,556,000 units in 2017 to 1,363,000 in 2018.

“There’s great potential for the development of the sector and the whole supply chain,” commented Confindustria ANCMA President, Andrea Dell’Orto. “However more and better investments are needed in the bike culture, cycling infrastructure and the promotion of cycling in our country. This can result in important growth opportunities.”

“The industry,” added Dell’Orto, “is very dynamic and ready to participate. Nevertheless we ask the Italian government and local institutions to make an effort in the same direction because of the relevance for the economy.”

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