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KL Cycling Launches New Carbon Wheelsets

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The brand started only two years ago under the name Kavulungan also known as KL Cycling. Kavulungan is printed on the company’s carbon rims and comes from Pingtung which is a Taiwan paradise for bicycles.

KL Cycling Launches New Carbon Wheelsets
KL Cycling has a background in carbon fiber aerospace engineering and markets Kavulungan branded carbon wheelsets. – Photo Bike Europe

The background of KL Cycling dates back to 1984 when it started with high-precision molds used for carbon fiber aerospace engineering. The technology and experience gained since lead to the founding of the KL Cycling brand in 2017. Its Kavulungan carbon fiber rims are produced and manufactured in Taiwan. They are made in the ‘workshop’ mode with small batch production and stable quality.

KL Cycling’s newest products are the Vulung 38.8 carbon wheelset which comes with DT Swiss 240 hub and DT Aerolite spokes. Its weight stands at 1380 gram per set.

KL Cycling’s also presented at last March Taipei Cycle Show its Adou 58.8 carbon wheelset that like the Vulung is for road and triathlon bikes. The Adou wheelset comes with high profile 58.8 mm rims and uses a Sharp+ hub and Sapim CX-spokes. According to KL Cycling the Adou wheels are perfectly suited for high speed long distance cruising that come with Triathlon races.

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