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Dutch Bike Market Turning Exclusively Electric

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AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – First half year results for the Dutch market indicate that again electric bike sales is showing huge growth. It contrasts sharply with the sale of regular bicycles, which is sinking further and further. This mounting divergence even raises the question whether there will still be room for regular bicycles in the near future, or whether the Dutch market as a whole will switch to electric? And is this an indication on what’s to happen in more markets?

Dutch Bike Market Turning Exclusively Electric
Dutch market is becoming 100% electric; regular bikes don't really matter anymore. – Photo Bike Europe

After a year that had already saw unprecedented growth, 2019 is also showing relentless interest in electric bicycles. During the first half year the sale of city e-bikes (turnover-wise) grew by some 35 percent in the Netherlands. In 2018 (volume-wise) electric bike sales in Holland rose by close to 38 percent to 410,000 units growing to be the biggest category.

Dynamo Retail Group market survey

Despite the fact that the sale of electric bicycles in the Netherlands continues to grow for many years now, there’s no sign of saturation whatsoever. A recent Dynamo Retail Group market survey underlined that. Dynamo Retail Group is operating shop formats like Bike Totaal, Dynamo Retail Service, Fietswereld and Profile de Fietsspecialist in Holland, Belgium and Germany and has some 800 affiliated dealers/members.

Close to 20 percent growth

This survey involving 321 stores in the Netherlands indicates that in terms of turnover bicycle sales (including e-bikes) in the first six months of 2019 was up 17.4 percent compared to the same period one year earlier. For e-bikes in the city bike category the Dynamo Retail Group survey reveals that turnover on average at the 321 surveyed stores increased by 35.3 percent! Electric Trekking bikes sold also well with a 10.8 percent turnover growth in the first six months of the year compared to the same period of 2018. E-MTB sales was also up big in the first half of 2019; even by 47 percent. However, that sale is in turnover-wise still very limited.

Regular bike sales

The Dynamo Retail Group survey also points to the fact that regular bikes don’t really matter anymore. The over 35 percent growth of electric city bikes stands out against the 4.1 percent (turnover-wise) drop in the sales of regular city bikes. The same goes for the Trekking category; the electric versions upped close to 11 percent while the regular, non-electric ones saw their sales turnover drop by some 15 percent.

Such large differences (and there is no indication that they are to become smaller) mean that dealers will quickly lose interest in the non-electric segment. And that the total Dutch market (of course apart from the youth and sports segments) switches to electric. It seems to be a harbinger of a trend that also awaits other markets.

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