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E-Bikes Now Also Turning Spain’s Bike Market Around

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MADRID, Spain – It took some more time as in other European countries, but electric bikes are now also making their mark on the bicycle market in Spain. In 2018 this market saw a volume drop of 6.2 percent to 1,047,492 units. However, value-wise sales upped 5.5 percent thanks to, what the country’s industry association AMBE, calls the ‘e-bike effect’.

E-Bikes Now Also Turning Spain’s Bike Market Around
Industry association AMBE notes ‘Demand for bikes is changing in Spain; It’s switching from regular mountain bikes to e-MTBs.’ – Photo Bike Europe

According to AMBE’s sell-out monitor 111,297 e-bikes were sold in Spain last year. This represents a staggering 55 percent increase compared to the total of 2017. It means that e-bikes now take up close to 11 percent of the total bike market of Spain. That’s unit-wise. Value-wise e-bikes account for a much bigger stake as the average value per unit sold stood at 2,165 euro, making that in turnover Spain’s bike market grew 5.5 percent in 2018.

Demand changing

AMBE notes in its “Spanish Bicycle Market Profile 2018” that demand for bikes is changing. It is switching from regular mountain bikes to e-MTBs. In particular considering the fact that from the total e-bike sales growth (39,272 more units sold) approximately 75 percent were e-MTBs.

Biggest categories

Sale of regular mountain bikes dropped big time by over 52,000 units to a total somewhat over 409,000 units. It accounted for a drop of 11.3 percent. However, mountain bikes are still by far the biggest category of Spain’s market holding a 2018 market share of 39.1 percent. Average sales price stood at 704 euro.

The 2nd biggest category in Spain is kids bikes (31.4 percent share). This segment of the market dropped 15.5 percent in sales to a total of 329,000 units. Average sales price stood at 141 euro.

More positive trends

Next to the good news from e-bike sales also road bikes (1.5 percent sales plus) and urban/city bikers (up 2.8 percent) saw positive trends. Road bike sales grew to 76,000 units and scored a high average price of 1,755 euro. Urban/city accounted for a total sales volume of 122,000 units at an average sales price of 258 euro.

The average sales price of a bike sold in Spain in 2018 increased with 17.2 percent to 706 euro. Thanks to the ‘e-bike effect’ Spain’s total market value stood at 1,712 million euro.

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