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Market Report Belgium: E-Bikes Keep Growing

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KORTRIJK, Belgium – That the Belgian people embraced e-bikes has already been established as a fact by recent market studies carried out by ‘Velofollies’, the country’s biggest bicycle show. But that sales could grow even further to make up more than half of the bike sales of the country, had not been determined before. This is discovered by the 2018 market figures for Belgium.

Market Report Belgium: E-Bikes Keep Growing
2018 e-bikes sales in Belgium upped over 14 percent! – Photo Bike Europe

According to the Velofollies survey as well as other sources last year’s e-bike sales stood at slightly over a quarter million units; some 251,500 to be more precise. This accounts for a big 14.3 percent growth compared to the total of the year before. It makes electric bicycles by far the biggest category of the Belgian market with a market share that stands at close to 50 percent. That sales are supported by tax incentives of the national government. This also contributed to that fact that today more than 90% of all Belgium IBDs offer e-bikes in their showrooms.

Road race

Belgium’s bicycle market grew by close to 4 percent in 2018. According to the Velofollies’ market survey among IBDs the total market volume increased to 503,119 units in 2018. Viewing the close to 50 percent market share for electric bicycles this results in an e-bike sale of 252,000 units. Next to e-bikes, the second largest category is city bikes with a market share of 24 percent. Not surprisingly road race bikes continue to be popular in Belgium ranking third with 11 percent market share. E-MTB as well as speed-pedelec sales have not yet picked-up substantially.

Ladies bikes and e-bike prices

The Velofollies bicycle survey also showed the importance of bicycles fitted with a ladies’ frame. They take up over 65% of the total market volume. The average retail price for an e-bike continues to show increases. After 3 percent in 2017 to 2,325 euro’s, the 2018 average sales price stood at 2,370 euro; 1.9 percent up on 2017.

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