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Study on Electric Scooter Sharing Market in US and Europe 2019-2024

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BANGALORE, India – Market researcher Mobility Foresight is offering a market report on the “E-Scooter Sharing Market in the US and Europe 2019 – 2024.” The report is about “Size, forecasts, risks and opportunities till 2024.” It provides a picture of a capital-intensive market with fast-growing competition as well as a rapidly increasing chance of restrictions imposed by governments.

Study on Electric Scooter Sharing Market in US and Europe 2019-2024
Market study signals ‘not everything is in place for e-scooter sharing systems.’ – Photo Mobility Foresight

What this April 2019 published study makes clear is that electric step-scooters sharing systems are currently being operated in about 35 Capitals and cities around Europe. What is driving the market is “The on-demand economy, highly congested and polluted urban cities and its low physical and zero carbon footprint. They also have an advantage over on-demand taxi and bike sharing, owing to low cost and shorter trip duration.”

‘Regulatory flaws’

The report also signals that “Not everything is in place for e-scooter sharing systems. There are many regulatory flaws in it, especially in US. For example, in some cities, the DMV website deems motorized scooters illegal. Many cities have already cracked down on e-bikes.”

The report also states “The major expenditure incurred by scooter sharing start-ups is not on procuring scooters but it’s maintaining them. The up-gradation of software and re-distributing recharged scooters in every part of the city consumes a lot of capital and personnel.”

Forecasted market size

“To succeed in an on-demand economy, density is the key. All on-demand mobility providers started from upscale, dense cities, and the same can be said about e-scooter sharing operators,” says the study that continues “There are more than 100,000 scooters in 90+ cities cumulatively in US and Europe combined. The standard rental charges in US are 1 USD for unlock and 15 cents per minute. The cost of a 2-mile trip could be in the range of 2.5 to 3.5 USD, which is almost double that of bike sharing.”

The study profiles the current biggest operators like Bird, Lime, Uber-Jump, E-cooltra, Scoot as well as various others.

The 80 pages market study costs USD 1,800. More at

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