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Yamaha To Set New Benchmark for Hi-End E-MTBs with PW-X2 Drive

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IWATA, Japan – The company has made a new for itself in motocross and even points to its DNA coming from motorsports. With that background Yamaha is now claiming to have set a new benchmark for hi-end e-MTBs with its new top mid-motor PW-X2. For MY 2020 there’s more news coming from Yamaha like with the PW-ST for sporty trekking bikes as well as with Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode technologies.

Yamaha To Set New Benchmark for Hi-End E-MTBs with PW-X2 Drive
Yamaha’s new top mid-motor PW-X2 for e-MTBs which comes with new support technologies. – Photo Yamaha Motor

Next to its successes in motorsports Yamaha is also the one and only true e-bike pioneer. The company unlocked the nowadays multi-million market with its PAS (pedal-assist) system in 1993. In the over 25 years since, Yamaha produced millions of mid-motors in Japan and since 2016 also in Taiwan and is now presenting its newest pinnacles in e-bike drive technologies. These new top drives for MY 2020 e-bikes come in the form of the PW-ST for sporty trekking and mountain bikes and with the new top model PW-X2 for high-end E-MTBs.

New benchmark?

As said with the new PW-X2 Yamaha aims to set a new benchmark in drives targeting the top in e-MTBs. In particular as this drive system, as Yamaha states “Promises to offer the next step in terms of powerful – and natural – support out there on the trail. Based on the same technical data (250W rated power, 80Nm in “Extra Power” mode and 70Nm torque in High / STD / Eco / +Eco mode), the new PW-X2 should be even better at delivering the necessary support when the rider needs it the most.”

Multiple sensors for more responsive ride

To be able to live-up to these promises the PW-X2 is equipped with 4 sensors as well as finely tuned algorithms for the drive control. According to Yamaha “It results in an even higher sensibility to the rider’s input and thus a new level of natural riding experience. The Quad Sensor System uses an angle sensor to detect the bike’s angle of climb or descent, in addition to the existing ride speed, crank rotation, and pedalling torque sensors. Yamaha Motor’s engineers and test riders have fine-tuned the Quad Sensor System and the Automatic Support Mode technologies – first introduced to their line-up in the MY2019 PW-TE drive system – according to the intended riding concept of each drive system in the line-up.”

Next to the PW-X2 mid-motor also Yamaha’s runner-up drive, the PW-ST, benefits from the latest technologies as well as weighing 100g less than the previous unit.

Pursuit of comfort

To complete its range of MY 2020 drive systems, Yamaha Motor further offers the PWseries TE. This drive is targeting city commuters for which this drive system is providing effortless comfort and a stable ride in urban traffic. This mid-level drive system has been the first to come equipped with Quad Sensor System and Automatic Support Mode in MY2019 already – in this case tuned to provide intelligent and natural power assistance under all urban traffic conditions and resulting in a flawless ride.

Yamaha Motor staff and test bikes will be available at the following house shows of Yamaha Motor customers:

  • Pexco, Schweinfurt (Germany): from July 19th to 21st, 2019
  • Accell Group, Mainz (Germany): from July 27th to 30th, 2019
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