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Alber Premieres Neodrives Speed Pedelec Hub Motor

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ALBSTADT, Germany – For this year’s Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Alber GmbH prepared a fast-paced innovation. It’s the new speed pedelec motor Z20 RS that comes under the company’s e-bike drives brand Neodrives. The Z20 RS is the company’s first rear hub motor for the up to 45 km/h e-bike category.

Alber Premieres Neodrives Speed Pedelec Hub Motor
New Neodrives Z20 RS rear hub motor targets 45km/h speed pedelecs. – Photo Alber-Neodrives

Two reasons not directly mentioned by Alber are behind the premiere of the Z20 RS motor. First there’s the fact that rear hub motors, which are so far the only ones Neodrives offers, are particularly suited for the fast on-road e-bike class. On the other hand, the voluntary liquidation of the Swiss rear hub motor supplier Go SwissDrive, which was announced by its German parent company Ortlinghaus at the beginning of 2019, will certainly have contributed to this. And already several speed pedelec suppliers relying previously on Go SwissDrive switched to Neodrives.

Although speed pedelec’s are not as popular as regular e-bikes in many markets, it is enjoying high sales in Switzerland. And in the Netherlands sales increased by over 60 percent this year raising the question whether there’s a breakthrough taking place?

Production start

According to Alber, the in-house series production of the new and fast Neodrives hub motor Z20 RS will start this fall in Albstadt, Germany. The company characterizes its new drivetrain as absolute silent and with excellent acceleration. “What distinguishes it from the Z20 system is its significantly higher performance. With the Z20 RS a top speed of 45 km/h can be reached effortlessly and rapidly. Chains and sprockets are not exposed to higher wear due to the direct power transfer to the rear wheel,” is noted by Alber.

Eurobike visitors are able to test the Neodrives Z20 RS motor. It’s at the Alber demo stand FG-0/202 (between hall A6 and hall B4 at the East Outdoor Area).

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