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GreenPack Starts Production of Battery Sharing System for LEVs

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GreenPack Starts Production of Battery Sharing System for LEVs
Swobbee Sharing Point for LEV batteries. – Photo GreenPack

BERLIN, Germany – At the beginning of August, Berlin-based start-up GreenPack Mobile Energy Solutions GmbH started series production of its innovative battery exchange stations for light electric vehicles (LEVs). These intelligent “Swobbee Sharing Points” will be assembled at GreenPack’s headquarters in the German capital on a specially constructed assembly line. GreenPack will present their battery sharing stations at Eurobike at stand A1-700.

“We have been working towards this day for the last couple of years. The start of series production marks the end of our successful test phases and the beginning of the establishment of a city-wide ‘Swobbee’ network in Germany and Europe. We are sure that this will fundamentally change urban mobility,” says GreenPack- and Swobbee-CMO Tobias Breyer, “With our own assembly and quality control we ensure that our customers and partners receive the perfect technology. As a battery-as-a-service provider, we also ensure reliable operation so that our customers and users of the system can enjoy all the benefits of electric mobility without restrictions.”

Energy infrastructure

Under the Swobbee brand name, GreenPack as a leading battery-as-a-service (BaaS) provider, supports companies in the micro mobility sector in implementing an efficient and sustainable energy infrastructure. With Swobbee, the young start-up GreenPack has set itself the task of “Establishing a mobile and sustainable energy network in order to actively help shape the energy and mobility revolution.”

Open to all manufacturers

In addition to comprehensive BaaS services, Swobbee operates the world’s first battery sharing system open to all manufacturers. “This enables companies and its location partners to use numerous e-mobile applications, such as e-cargo bikes, electric scooters and horticultural machines, without risk and in a cost-benefit-optimized manner.”

150 Swobbee stations by 2020

Initially and presently each week two Swobbee Sharing Points will be manufactured. By the end of the year, 30 to 50 stations should have left the assembly hall in Berlin. First Sharing Points will go to customers and partners in Berlin, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Bochum. By 2020, up to 150 Swobbee stations are to be manufactured. According to GreenPack, by 2023 “There could already be over 1,100 Swobbee stations in 85 cities throughout Germany with a total of 40,000 batteries in the network.”

Exchange stations’ structure

According to the GreenPack makers, waiting times for charging with Swobbee Sharing Points are a thing of the past “The Swobbee exchange stations in their standard version have a uniform structure with eight compartments each, which can be equipped with different batteries thanks to the special technical design. Currently, Swobbee stations can charge the standardized GreenPack batteries and the ‘power pack’ batteries of the electric scooter manufacturer Kumpan.” Good to know: the system is open for the integration of further rechargeable batteries.

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