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Revonte Launches Automatic and Stepless Transmission For E-Bikes

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Revonte Launches Automatic and Stepless Transmission For E-Bikes
The e-drive system can run on an automatic mode so and a derailleur is not needed for shifting gears. – Photo Revonte

TAMPERE, Finland – Start-up Revonte integrated fully automatic and stepless transmission in its e-bike drive system, the Revonte One. The Finnish start-up was founded in 2018 with the goal of developing and manufacturing a drive system with an integrated continuously variable automatic drive.

For the development of its first system, Revonte focused on software intelligence, which handles both control of motor management and the gears as well as cloud services. The Revonte One system is produced in Europe.

Wide range of options for tuning and customization

The e-drive system can run on an automatic shifting mode for which a derailleur is not needed. “Our ingenious mechanical system comes with sophisticated software which enables a wide range of options for tuning and customization,” explains Revonte CEO Antero Jalkanen. “The main benefits of the One System are its automatic and stepless transmission allowing for a single chainring and cog, which allows for a more robust and simpler drivetrain.”

The One motor and drive system can be used in all types of bikes thanks to its highly configurable software. The Revonte One comes with an App which allows both the e-bike manufacturer and the end user to customize its preferred setting.

“The user-interface and tactile feel related to it are often the most important factors when it comes to the ride experience,” says Antero Jalkanen. “We wanted to get it right from the start, so we built our own. Intuitive, ergonomic and integrated were the criteria that were driving the design. Going screenless was also a carefully considered decision.”

BMZ battery supplier and service partner

BMZ has developed a battery solution exclusively for Revonte, and is handling customer service for the company. “This strategic cooperation will help us better cover the core European market and ensure a presence on site,” says Antero Jalkanen. It was important to us to gain a top-level, experienced partner for the bike battery right at the outset of the product launch. We also wanted our partner to offer a proven service concept. Outstanding quality and European manufacturing are key pillars of both companies.”

“In addition to the technical implementation of battery solutions, we want to provide customer-specific overall solutions and individualised concepts including service, logistics, marketing and intensive care to ensure the long-term success of our customers. This allows us to react to the increasingly dynamic market at all times,” comments David Kaminski, Key Account Manager at BMZ GmbH.

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