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Sachs is Back with Powerful E-MTB Drives

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Sachs is Back with Powerful E-MTB Drives
ZF Sachs Mico Mobility launches its RS drive unit as ‘open system’. – Photo ZF Sachs

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At stand A1-403 ZF Sachs Micro Mobility features its production ready RS drive unit. ZF is the third biggest of the world leading car parts makers that turn to the cycling sector. This 40 billion euro and over 130,000 staffed company has for that brushed off a brand name that it had been lying in waiting for decades to re-enter the marketplace where it once hold a leading position. Sachs is back. And could be back with a vengeance.

With the power of ZF, Sachs could turn into a serious competitor for the current leading supplier of e-bike systems; Bosch. At least, as the 2nd biggest car component maker in Europe (after Bosch) and 3rd placed in the world, the company can be regarded as having the capability to do just that. It’s also one of the goals ZF has set for itself. The company is aiming at becoming a volume supplier of e-bike systems. Production of the Sachs RS mid-motor is now starting. That motor is focused on the e-MTB segment as it offers a remarkable high torque of 110Nm, already at a low 60 rpm’s. This summer ZF Sachs Micro Mobility GmbH has started to deliver the Sachs RS drive system.

‘Open system’

ZF Sachs launches the RS drive unit as “open system” offering e-bike OEMs the opportunity to select the desired connected components like batteries and brakes while also specific driving applications can be set. Furthermore the ZF Sachs Micro Mobility GmbH announcement states “The RS drive unit, offering sportive features with regard to maximum power and torque with an almost noiseless operation, is targeting e-MTBs. It’s a 48-volt system capable of a peak power of 700Watt and 110 Nm. Q-factor is 178 mm and comes with 135mm ISIS thru axle. The system offers the possibility to equip the e-MTB with one or two chainrings while also belt drives are possible. The total weight of the RS drive unit stands at 3,500 grams.”

25 and 45 km/h versions

The ZF Sachs RS drive unit comes in 25 as well as 45 km/h versions. However, the speed pedelec 45km/h drive unit will be available later in the year. It comes as a homologated drive unit compliant to the type approval rules based on the EU 168/2013 regulation. As said the 25km/h RS drive unit will be available this summer and is of course also compliant to all existing safety standard regulations.


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