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Basil’s Open Source Click System for Carriers in Heavy Duty Version

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Basil’s Open Source Click System for Carriers in Heavy Duty Version
The heavy-duty version of the MIK plate. – Photo Basil

ULFT, the Netherlands – Basil originally unveiled the MIK (Mounting is Key) luggage carrier system at Eurobike 2017. This year, the Dutch company unveiled the second generation, the heavy-duty version. The heavy-duty version can carry up to 30 kilogram making it suitable for child seats.

The MIK HD adapter plate is an extra strong MIK plate designed with child seats in mind, with a reliable two-step safety device. It is compatible with special Urban Iki child and Polisport child seats. Basil’s MIK system is different than any other click system available on the market. MIK has been developed as an open source system and available for all luggage carrier manufacturers and accessory brands.

‘Open source system is better for the market’

The idea behind MIK (Mounting Is Key) is that the easier it is for consumers to put a bag or any other accessory on their bicycle, the better it is for the market. “As Basil we will also benefit from this market development,” explains Basil’s Managing Director Marc Roelofsen. MIK originates from a collaboration between bike accessory producer Basil and luggage carrier producer Massload. While Basil owns the brand, Massload holds the patent.

“For Basil owner Marthijn van Balveren, the idea of developing MIK was to generate more market volume by creating a new global standard in the bicycle industry. With this system consumers will never face the problem that their newly bought accessory does not fit on their bicycle. The platform is open for all stakeholders and has been beautifully designed avoiding any loose wires and ‘old school’ parts. The integrated platform can be used for more than just luggage. We call upon product managers to see for themselves that as soon as they start specifying a MIK-approved component, it can be integrated in the bicycle and it fits other MIK-approved parts.”

At Eurobike 2019, the MIK HD system will be presented at the stands of Massload, Polisport, Urban Iki and Basil A4-206). The Massload luggage racks and MIK compatible products from Basil will also be on display.

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