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Costly InTube Systems Dominate E-Bike Offering at Eurobike

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Costly InTube Systems Dominate E-Bike Offering at Eurobike
BMZ presents its V10 InTube battery generation. – Photo Bike Europe

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – It’s costly to obtain a license for the use of a patented InTube battery system, according to sources. At least that’s said about the one Bosch is selling for its frame-integrated batteries that come with its drive-units and other components. This license derives from the InTube battery patent that is owned by Accell and to which Bosch bought exclusive rights. It presents the leading drive systems maker the right to exclusively sell the license. This and other patented InTube systems are dominating the e-bike offering at the 28th Eurobike that started yesterday.

The Accell InTube patent (licensed out by Bossch to all other brands other than the ones from Accell Group) is surely not the only one now on offer. More are there already and more are coming. And they are offered to be used on e-bikes that have other drive systems than the ones from Bosch. Europe’s leading battery maker BMZ for instance presents at this year’s Eurobike its V10 new battery generation.

Spending real money

What is evidenced by the costly Bosch InTube license, is that e-bike makers and suppliers are willing to spend real money for better designed and better looking electric bicycles. And these sleek looks come also because all the electric wiring for motor, controller and display is neatly tugged away in the downtube while the battery is of course contacted by frame integrated connectors.

Big batteries

Intube sleek looks does not come at the expense of function. The BMZ V10 InTube system offers in its slimmest size a big battery of 725Wh which is made from 40 Li-Ion 21700 cells. Capacity stands at 20Ah, or 15Ah. The V10 InTube systems by BMZ is compatible with drive units from Brose, Shimano and Sachs. Interesting is also that BMZ sells its InTube license and batteries on an open mold basis for frame makers.

As said, currently there are various InTube systems available. And that is shown on the show floor here at Eurobike. E-bikes with InTube batteries are everywhere.

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