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Eurobike To Reflect Massive Market Make-Over

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Eurobike To Reflect Massive Market Make-Over
The bike market is changing massively and rapidly. – Photo Bike Europe

DOETINCHEM, The Netherlands – What will Eurobike 2019 bring? What are the new realities that are to be featured by the world’s biggest bike show that opens its doors tomorrow? Product-wise the show will feature a further stepped-up design transformation of e-bikes with components integration reaching an even higher level. Production-wise there’s also a market makeover taking place. Main trend here is close-to-market; being flexible and faster. But also increasing supply to meet the skyrocketing European wide demand for e-bikes.

That rapidly rising demand for e-bikes causes many new names to emerge during Eurobike 2019. But also renowned ones are taking action to meet that demand. Like Giant and Merida setting up new and/or heavily expanded facilities producing electric bicycles of various categories. The same goes for the production of e-bike components. More, much more is needed when it comes to motors, batteries as well as all other electronics to cater for ‘connected’ bikes.

Market renewing at unprecedented pace

The (European) bike market is renewing at an unprecedented pace. This is triggered by various circumstances that reinforce each other. Foremost there’s the sale of electric bicycles. In more and more European countries, that sale is breaking record on record. European-wide it is growing to be the largest bicycle category in the foreseeable future.

Sector’s switch to omni-channel

What’s also pushing the current market changes is online sales and the sector’s switch to omni-channel distribution strategies. That requires foremost speed, flexibility and close to market production; in Europe.

Anti-dumping measures

What also comes into play here are the last January imposed anti-dumping on China made e-bikes that are exported to Europe. The European Commission is adding a little extra to that by maintaining the anti-dumping duties on regular bicycles made in China that are exported to the EU. This was announced late last week.

The anti-dumping measures result in the fact that Europe is being closed off for Chinese exporters. And the same holds true for the United States. Trump tariffs are here the reason. What this brings is a massive relocation of what used to be made in China to, among other countries, Europe.

What this all boils down to is a bike market that is changing massively and rapidly. And that will be reflected by the 2019 and 28th Eurobike Show.

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