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German Industry Association Explains Oddity in Data on Country’s E-Bike Sales

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German Industry Association Explains Oddity in Data on Country’s E-Bike Sales
ZIV GM Siegfried Neuberger ‘No negative influence of supply shortages’. – Photo Bike Europe

BAD SODEN, Germany – Was it due to the coming into force of the anti-dumping tariffs on the import of e-bikes from China mid-January 2019, that supply shortages are hampering e-bike sales in Germany? At least, that was our conclusion after seeing the latest data of Germany’s industry association, ZIV. Bike Europe deduced that it showed an oddity in the sales forecast for the whole of 2019. The German association explains now what’s happening on Europe’s biggest e-bike market.

That e-bikes continue to boost the German bicycle industry, is the obvious conclusion when viewing the sales total for the first half of 2019. According to the market data released by Germany’s industry association ‘Zweirad-Industrie-Verband’ (ZIV) 920,000 electric bicycles have been sold in the first half of 2019; a plus of no less than 37.3 percent compared to the same period in 2018! With that total e-bike sales in Germany during the first half of 2019 stood at about the same volume as in the whole year of 2018! Last year that volume totaled 980,000 units.

We expect a substantially growing e-bike market in the year 2019

ZIV forecast

Looking at what happened during the second half of 2018 and extrapolating that to the second half of 2019 means that Europe’s largest e-bike market will show a total 2019 sale of some 1.3 million units. At least this was our conclusion. But that was not what the ZIV forecasts for the whole year of 2019. In a 3 September dated press release issued by the ZIV at the start of this year’s Eurobike, the association states “The Zweirad-Industrie-Verband estimates that for the full year of 2019 the industry is counting on over 1.1 million e-bikes sold. This would correspond to a double-digit growth of around 12 percent.”

‘No negative influence of supply shortages’

As during previous periods, e-bike sales in Germany have consistently grown by more than 35 percent, we concluded that the ZIV must have adjusted its expectations downwards. And that it raised the question whether this is the result of expected supply shortages? We submitted this question to the ZIV and received the following answer from the association’s GM, Siegfried Neuberger. He says “ We wrote in our press-release, that we expect a substantially growing e-bike market in the year 2019. We wrote “The industry therefore anticipates more than 1.1 million vehicles being sold in 2019. We do not see negative influence of supply shortages on the German e-bike market at the moment.”

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