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Interest in Electric Bicycles Remains Enormous in EU’s biggest E-Bike Market

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Interest in Electric Bicycles Remains Enormous in EU’s biggest E-Bike Market
Sale of e-bikes in the city bike category increased turnover-wise by 36 percent in first eight months of 2019. – Photo Bike Europe

AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – In fact, it would be logical to see the first signs of saturation in the Netherlands, which has been Europe’s (relatively speaking) fastest growing and largest e-bike market for years. However, this is not the case, as the sales data of more than 300 dealers covering the first eight months of 2019 shows. Turnover-wise their sales of city e-bikes grew by close to 36 percent during the named period.

That the interest in electric bicycles remains enormous in Holland is underlined by a recent Dynamo Retail Group market survey. Dynamo Retail Group is operating shop formats like Bike Totaal, Dynamo Retail Service, Fietswereld and Profile de Fietsspecialist in Holland, Belgium and Germany and has some 800 affiliated dealers/members.

City e-bike sales up 35 percent

This survey involving 319 stores in the Netherlands shows that in terms of turnover bicycle sales (including e-bikes) in the first eight months of this year was up 17.0 percent compared to the same period one year earlier. For e-bikes in the city bike category the Dynamo Retail Group survey shows that turnover on average at the 319 surveyed stores increased by 35.7 percent!

Electric Trekking bikes also scored a growth in turn-over during the named period compared to the same time-frame of 2018. Their sales at the 319 Dutch dealers resulted in a 4.5 percent increase in turnover.

Regular bike sales flat

The Dynamo Retail Group survey also indicated that sales of regular bicycles remained at the same level of last year. Turn-over wise sales of city bikes, MTB’s, road race and kid bikes remained flat. Trekking bikes however attracted less buyers resulting in a 22 percent turn-over drop.

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