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Humpert Sets Higher Safety Standard

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Humpert Sets Higher Safety Standard
The new ergotec Level 6+ group includes handlebars, a stem and a seat post. – Photo Humpert

WICKEDE, Germany – After Humpert celebrated its 100th anniversary and 10 years of the brand ergotec last year, the component manufacturer focused again on the development of a wide range of new products for next season.

The model year 2020 line comes with no less than 18 new handlebars some of which are prepared for cable integration. Like all other ergotec handlebars, stems and seatposts, the 18 new handlebars meet the ergotec safety standard.

Next to the handlebars, Humpert also added no less than 33 seat posts, 5 ergonomic EP pedals and a wide range of accessories such as rear-view mirror and mobile phone holders to its product portfolio.

Level 6+

The new ergotec Level 6+ group, which includes handlebars, a stem and a seat post, is one of the highlights. With the new safety level, ergotec once again underlines its claim to get the most out of its development expertise. The new high-end components have been specially designed for sportive use in mountainbiking as well as e-mountainbiking. According to Humpert, these components can be use for a total weight of the bike, rider and luggage combined of 140 kilograms.

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