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Ralson Tyres To Focus on Export for Expansion

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Ralson Tyres To Focus on Export for Expansion
“For the future, export is our main growth market,” Ralson’s Director Manjul Pahwa. – Photo Bike Europe

DELHI, India – Established in 1974, Ralson India Ltd. began its modest journey in Ludhiana, manufacturing bicycle tyres and tubes. Ralson advanced into becoming one of India’s leading players in the bicycle tyre industry, as well as expanded into the manufacturing of automobile tyres. Today the company claims to hold a 50 percent market share in bicycle tyres in India. “For the future, export is our main growth market,” said Ralson’s Director Manjul Pahwa.

The company’s first-time presentation at Eurobike last September was very successful. “For sure we want to come back next year and hopefully they will allocate us more square meters for a bigger booth,” said Manjul Pahwa when Bike Europe interviewed him at Eurobike. “It is the best possibility we get to show our wide range of products in all bicycle categories. With more than 5,000 retailers selling our products today in India, we are ready to expand on export markets. On our home market we are already known for our advanced production technologies. We were, for example the first in India to launch nylon tyres which gave us a massive competitive advantage.”

Huge production volumes

The daily capacity of Ralson’s bicycle tyre factories is 150,000 units plus 180,000 tubes. “These huge volumes in combination with our in-house R&D department give us a competitive advantage. The quality, the styling and the looks; our products speak for themselves,” explains Manjul Pahwa who proudly shows Ralson’s e-bike tyre range. “The characteristics of e-bike and rickshaw tyres are similar. As India’s rickshaws were among the first to be electrified some years ago we already have a lot of experience in R&D and production of this product category.”

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